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The Yoro Biological Corridor (YBC) is an initiative to link eight Honduran forest parks threatened by conventional coffee production … It’s also the first forest corridor in Honduras to submit for legal protection, which will make it the first officially protected biological corridor in Central America! It centers on the Yoro Model and requires increased awareness and support. Please take a moment to sign your name (above). YBC partners are collecting and using these signatures to push green policy right now!

The primary concern of the Yoro Biological Corridor is to create public/private partnerships to promote voluntary restoration and protection of forest on private property (coffee farms) through a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development. YBC is a science-based initiative modeled on the UN Sustainable Development Goals & Paris Agreement targets, and has grown to become the longest-standing, most sophisticated Corridor project in Honduras to date!

It also needs public support, awareness, and participation in creating consumer demand for products produced under the sustainable methodologies being introduced and adopted by small producers. This website is meant to drive awareness; show transparency and promote progress to stakeholders; and inevitably get more eyes on and dollars directed towards protecting what little remains of the regions high-elevation forests, critical to maintaining healthy watersheds. We are urging everyone to get involved by signing their name in support of the Corridor and following along with these reports and helping to propel the official YBC creation process.