The Yoro Model

The Yoro Model is a method of producing coffee designed to restore and conserve forest on private lands (coffee farms) that is currently being demonstrated and refined in Yoro, Honduras.

Yoro Model’s Forest-Restoring Coffee Program in Central America

Carbon-Neutral Coffee Production

Yoro Model is a method of growing and processing coffee that also conserves forests, protects watersheds, sequesters carbon, increases biodiversity, generates carbon offsets, creates green employment … and includes the initiative to create the first officially protected biological forest corridor in Central America, and world example for tropical forests.

It achieves all of this by combining:

  1. Integrated Open Canopy™ land-sparing coffee agriculture with,
  2. Cafe Solar®; Carbon-Neutral Coffee Processing Factories

… in support of forest protection and restoration at a landscape level throughout the coffee regions that comprise the Yoro Biological Corridor.

Yoro Biological Corridor initiative is in the process of implementing 17 convergent restoration and production programs that seek the sustainable development of the region; which will have greater resilience through adaptation to climate change, while opening stable international markets for the exported products.