The Yoro Biological Corridor

Yoro Biological Corridor is the first forest corridor to reach the official submission process for legal protection status, making use of a unique forest protection law. Soon to become the first officially protected Forest Corridor in the world!

Location Details

Yoro, Honduras
Total area: 12,603 km2.
Territorial limits: North, Department of Atlántida; South, Departments of Comayagua; Francisco Morazán and Olancho; East, Department of Colón; West, Departments of Cortés and Santa Bárbara.


Agreement No. 632/2015 Biological Corridors of Honduras.
General Environmental Law 104 -1993.
Forest, Protected Areas, and Wildlife Law, Decree # 98-2007, Article 67 — Establishment of Biological Corridors.

The Yoro Biological Corridor is made possible by the engineers, conservation scientists, and coffee growers that are active in developing the Yoro Model. This website was created to inform those interested, collect support, and urge people in power to take the necessary actions to help get these programs off-the-ground and addressing climate change.

What is a Biological Forest Corridor?

A territorial planning unit composed of legally protected natural areas and a connection area between them, which provides a set of environmental goods and services, and provides spaces for social agreement to promote investment in the conservation, management and sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants without undermining its natural environment.

Que Es Un Corredor Biológico:

Un unidad de ordenamiento territorial compuesta por áreas naturales legalmente protegidas y un área de conexión entre ellas, que proporciona un conjunto de bienes y servicios ambientales, y brinda espacios de concertación social para promover la inversión en la conservación, manejo y aprovechamiento sustentable de los recursos naturales y la biodiversidad, en con el fin de contribuir a mejorar la calidad de vida de sus habitantes sin menoscabar su entorno natural.