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What is the Yoro Biological Corridor?

What is the Yoro Biological Corridor?

The Yoro Biological Corridor (YBC) is the first Forest Corridor in Honduras to submit for legal protection, which could make it the first officially protected biological forest corridor in Central America and a world example for other tropical forests.

It centers on the Yoro Model and is currently in need of awareness and support …

Stakeholder News Reporting of YBC Activities

There's more than just sustainable #coffee in the #YoroBiologicalCorridor ... These are soil samples arriving at the lab for carbon sequestration analysis!

They are being studied to determine CO2 sequestering capabilities on #IntegratedOpenCanopy coffee farms.


📸 Conservation science requires teamwork! These #YoroBiologicalCorridor biologists are measuring trees on #IntegratedOpenCanopy (IOC) coffee farms.

(IOC coffee farms are 50% farm/50% forest; and are carefully mapped by conservationists to buffer surrounding natural forests.)

📸 Forest conservation students learning about #water pressure and flow in order to implement community water systems that supply rural homes in #Yoro.

(This is part of the #social capacity building required for official #YoroBiologicalCorridor forest #conservation & approval)

📸 The first official #soil samples for #carbon sequestration measurements on coffee farms in #YoroBiologicalCorridor #Honduras, taken within the past few weeks!

🗓️ Government meeting scheduled for today!

Members of the #YoroBiologicalCorridor team will meet with both the Secretary General and Interim Director of Biodiversity for #Honduras, to review the submission process for legalizing the protection of this critical #ForestCorridor

📸 Good morning! Sharing this beautiful view from the #coffee producing village of Las Flores in #Honduras

Reason to #ProtectCoffee: Watersheds in the coffee regions of #Yoro supply the El Cajon River and its hydro power station that provides 25% of the nation’s electricity.

4 Students from la Universidad Nacional de Ciencias Forestales headed to #Subirana #Yoro to work w/ http://Mesoamerican.org and Youth Conservation Corp graduates on mapping & measuring #IntegratedOpenCanopy coffee farms to determine carbon sequestration values for plants & soil!

Say hello 👋 to a team of students and biologists who are hard at work measuring trees and analyzing data for #carbon sequestration #groundtruthing in #YoroBiologicalCorridor! #Honduras

-Research data confirms that increasing pollinators on coffee farms corresponds to increased #coffee yields ... Plus, a new coffee pollinator insect (fly) is being discovered for the first time on #integratedopencanopy farms now.

Next Forest Co-Manager Meeting: Nov. 9th


-Research data confirms that the increased forest-specific migratory birds found on #integratedopencanopy farms corresponds to improved organic pest control for #coffee.