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What is the Yoro Biological Corridor?

What is the Yoro Biological Corridor?

The Yoro Biological Corridor (YBC) is the first Forest Corridor in Honduras to submit for legal protection, which will make it the first officially protected biological forest corridor in Central America!

It centers on the Yoro Model and needs awareness and support …

Real-time feed of the activities & establishment of the YBC:

A group of Water Board Trustees representing 16 local districts have said that “40% of young people from the communities have traveled north to seek livelihoods citing instability in the #coffee market among other reasons from emigrating.”

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Adding to loss of water quantity, the report states: "fish that were once present in the local streams of this region “are no longer inhabiting these waters where quality has been affected by an increase in #coffee farming and processing”.

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A new @forestservice trip report indicates that land conversion (from forest to agriculture) nearby Jacagua watershed are affecting water quantity to the extent that “flows have reportedly dropped by about 50% over the past 14 years".

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Scientists are currently focused on the Jacagua River and community since it’s located in the Corridor’s “benchmark” forest, #PicoPijol National Park, #Honduras, and are updating maps of the river for tracking purposes:

Watersheds, forests, and communities of people are all interconnected within the Yoro Biological Corridor, and that's why YBC’s #ZeroCarbon approach to #coffee includes an ambitious watershed restoration strategy …

📸 UNAH student, Kelly Dias, is comparing pollination on coffee plantations grown under various conditions; (one of many forms of data collection that inform YBC scientists' sustainable coffee #agroforestry)

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New "Community" page was just added to the YBC website:

A new group of 4 #YouthConservationCorps participants have begun online training in mapping & measuring carbon on coffee/forest farms. Fieldwork starts later this month and the students will be employed in the #YoroBiologicalCorridor once they graduate 🎓

The formal #YoroBiologicalCorridor submission is now in the final stage and has moved to the Secretariat’s office for official sign-off by the #XiomaraCastroZ government 🖋

In the works: Our developers are teaming up with #JaneGoodall Institute and getting ready to incorporate a #RootsandShoots youth engagement program working within the Yoro Biological Corridor 🙉

We’re excited to announce more info about this soon!