Welcome to the Forest Corridor

The Yoro Biological Corridor (YBC) is an initiative to link eight Honduran forest parks threatened by conventional coffee production. It’s also the first forest corridor in Honduras to submit for legal protection, which will make it the first officially protected biological corridor in Central America.

The Yoro Model in support of the Yoro Biological Corridor involves:

Clean, renewable Solar-Dried Coffee Processing linked with Integrated Open Canopy™ agro-forestry; and the creation of a carbon trading program to conserve and restore forest habitat on private lands throughout the corridor.

Real-time feed of the activities & establishment of the Corridor:

Our team of #Engineers is heading to the Office of Natural Resources and Environment to request an urgent meeting with the @XiomaraCastroZ today ... they have a very special letter of support for the #YoroBiologicalCorridor 🐵 @JaneGoodallArg


📸 Field biologists heading into a study site, researching ecosystem services from forest patches near #coffee ... as part of the National Science Foundation @nsf funded Growing Convergence Research program.

#YoroBiologicalCorridor #Honduras

On-the-Ground Update: A team from http://Mesoamerican.org is meeting the entire Municipal government in Olanchito right now, to present on the Corridor's instruments for coffee conservation & carbon markets.

Congratulations to these 4 semifinalist students who were just selected from 14 entrants for the Youth Conservation Corp Program after a week of assessment 👏

These youth are leading the future of forest conservation in the Yoro region!

@LuckyMedinaHN #YouthConservationCorps


May 1st: Dr. Jane Goodall PhD, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace offers to join the Advisory Board of our Yoro Biological Corridor initiative! 🙉

This is made public w/ a letter direct to @XiomaraCastroZ:


Hey @MarkJCarney ... We like your values! Integrity of the carbon markets is a must to build trust. We want you on board. All hands on deck! Please check out our website 😉🍃

Hola @CFigueres! We have a climate solution for the world and it is delivered with coffee. It's first roots are in #CostaRica and we want to invite you on board 😄☀️


Biological Corridor:

A territorial planning unit composed of legally protected natural areas and a connection area between them, which provides a set of environmental goods and services, and provides spaces for social agreement to promote investment in the conservation, management and sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants without undermining its natural environment.

Corredor Biológico:

Un unidad de ordenamiento territorial compuesta por áreas naturales legalmente protegidas y un área de conexión entre ellas, que proporciona un conjunto de bienes y servicios ambientales, y brinda espacios de concertación social para promover la inversión en la conservación, manejo y aprovechamiento sustentable de los recursos naturales y la biodiversidad, en con el fin de contribuir a mejorar la calidad de vida de sus habitantes sin menoscabar su entorno natural.