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Dr. Jane Goodall Joins Global Coffee Solution Using Coffee to Restore Forests

This Earth Day (April 22, 2024) published an exciting announcement that Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace, is joining an initiative to restore forests and biodiversity using coffee starting in the Yoro Biological Corridor (YBC).

Global Coffee Solution is brand new collaborative effort (“The Most Ambitious Effort Using the Power of Coffee and People to Restore Forests On Our Planet”) based on more than 3 decades of research and development, and is directly associated with establishing the YBC and its sustainable development activities involving coffee, reforestation, and carbon measurements.

Dr. Jane Goodall has been collaborating with the dedicated team behind the initiative that has been working on the solution for years, she says in the website’s Call-to-Action video, and her Earth Day announcement begins: “On this April 22nd, 2024 Earth Day, and in my 90th birthday year, I, Jane Goodall, am joining a group of visionaries to announce a collaborative effort that will hopefully, when finalized, be a part of my legacy.  We will use coffee – that drink that so many of us love – to restore forests and biodiversity. I have seen first hand that this is possible.” (See for the whole statement.

This major announcement from Dr. Goodall follows after a 2022 YBC press release in which the world-renowned primatologist and anthropologist offered to join the Yoro Biological Corridor (YBC) Advisory Board “Comite de Gestion” in a public letter to the then newly elected president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro on May 1, 2022.

Proponents of the YBC are honoured that Dr. Goodall has taken such a degree of interest and level of involvement in their initiative that supports coffee farmers, wildlife, and forests. Richard Trubey of the Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) said, “We are all very excited, the farmers, the ground teams, the project developers, because we know that Jane’s official involvement will be a major help in establishing trust in the region and the program, ultimately ensuring the protection and restoration of this important forest corridor.”